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30 May 2009 @ 06:57 pm
Tucker Wright  


Sorry, what was your name again? Thunder.
Who else do you play in the game? See previous notes.


Full name: Tucker Wright

Nickname(s): Tuck

Played-by: Cody Linley

DOB: July 8th, 1992
POB: Santa Cruz, California

Patient or Doctor? Patient. Arrived three weeks ago.

Likes and Dislikes:
Likes: Pizza, Green Day, gardening, rain, his black '68 Pontiac Firebird Convertible
Dislikes: Country music, traffic jams, snow, being alone

History (at least three paragraphs):
"You're a moron, Tuck!"

That was the first thing Tucker Wright heard after being born. Of course, it wasn't directed at him - being less than a minute old, he had hardly done anything to deserve such a harsh scolding, and his mother would never call him a moron, anyway. No, his mother had been screaming at her best friend, Jeremy "Tuck" Tucker, who had suggested that she go through labor without an epidural. Joy wasn't really mad at Tuck; actually, she was much more mad at herself for listening to him than she was mad at him for suggesting it. But she wasn't exactly in a good place to think straight.

"Is he out?" she gasped when she heard crying. "Thank God! Put me under! Put me under now! And don't let him anywhere near my baby!" She waved in Tuck's general direction as the nurse filled her with morphine. That was the other thing - Jeremy Tucker was Tucker Wright's father... although not in the traditional sense.

When Joy Wright had decided that she wanted a child, and that enough time had passed that she wasn't going to find the right man to do it the old-fashioned way, she came to the conclusion that artificial insemination would be the best course of action. Money wasn't a problem - Joy had started a successful retail chain selling designer shoes years before, and when her company got big enough, she sold it to a larger chain for such a large profit that neither she, nor her children, nor her children's children would ever have to worry about money again.

The only problem had been finding the right guy. So, Joy had gone to her best friend, Tuck, who was gayer than Christmas and wasn't using any of his sperm anytime soon, and he agreed to donate. And thus, Tucker Wright (which sounded so much better than Cyrus Tucker-Wright, Joy had decided a few hours before delivery), was born.

Needless to say, Tucker's childhood wasn't exactly traditional. But he did have two parents that loved him dearly and provided for anything he needed. The three of them lived in a small California suburb where his dad took up writing for a local paper and his mom started painting. She painted shoes mostly, and in a strange twist of fate, made more money selling her paintings than she had selling Joyful Soles.

Tuck grew up fairly normal. He broke his arm skateboarding when he was twelve ("I told you not to drain the pool, didn't I?!" his mother had cried. "No one listens!"), caught mono when he was fourteen ("I told you not to make out with that Johnson girl!" his mother had screamed. "No one listens!") , and had to have his wisdom teeth taken out when he was fifteen (His mother had also said something to this, but he hadn't been listening), but other than that was a normal sixteen year old boy.

He had his first attack at school. Dizziness and delirium followed quickly by a seizure. The school called an ambulance and he was in the hospital moments later. His symptoms got progressively worse - headaches, muscle spasms, and hallucinations persisted until a build up of fluid threatened to shut down his brain activity. His doctors were able to drain the fluid, but when they still couldn't tell Joy what was wrong, she decided to send Tucker to MHI.

Personality (at least two paragraphs):
"I made out with a dude once. And it wasn't terrible." If you asked Tuck what the most exciting thing that had ever happened to him was before he had his seizure, that would be his response. Then he would shrug and smirk and add, "But he wasn't as good a kisser as Lucy Johnson."

Growing up with his parents, Tuck is much more open to things than most people, so he has little fear when it comes to new experiences, but he rarely registers exactly how different the things he does are.

Tuck is adventurous, charismatic, and personable. He knows exactly what to say, just when to crack a joke, and how to get that clerk at the 7-11 to sell you cigarettes even though you're only sixteen. He's just the guy everyone wants to be around. He's always been popular and loves to be the center of attention, but he never excludes anyone and he has a great heart.

He's always wanted to be a doctor, so he's trying to think of his time at MHI as a learning experience.

Thread Sample:

The engine revved excitedly as Tuck hit the clutch and shifted into third. There was no one on the road for miles and the sun setting into the sky in front of him made the perfect view. Green Day's "Brain Stew" was playing over the Firebird's stereo and Tuck was singing loud enough to drown out Billy Joe Armstrong.

Someone was knocking on the Firebird's passenger side door. But that made no sense; Tuck looked down at the speedometer - he was going sixty. He punched the clutch and shifted into fourth. The knocking came again - louder this time. It didn't sound metallic, it was like someone was beating on a large wooden door.

"Brain Stew" had stopped playing. The sun on the horizon looked funny, like it was out of focus. When the knocking sounded for the third time, it shattered what was left of Tuck's dream.

He woke up in his bed at the Institute with his right arm drapped across his face. "Son of a bitch," he thought.

The person at the door knocked for a fourth time. Tuck sat up in his bed.

"What the heck do you want!?"

Journal Sample:
I spent most of my time out in the garden today. I hate being inside all the time. I use to do a lot of gardening back home and it would always cheer me up - I wonder if I asked one of the doctors if they'd let me do some gardening here?

I bet my baby misses me. She'll rust if no one takes care of her. And I swear to God if Dad's driving her, I'll kill him.

The serum works, though. I haven't had a headache since I got here. I'm just ready for them to put it in pill form so I can get back to my Firebird.
__loss__loss on June 2nd, 2009 12:29 pm (UTC)

you better watch yoself tucker. not afraid as to whether or not you're contagious.


(ps - oh, hey, i guess i should mention the writing is GLORIOUS)